The resurgence of daily press briefings at the White House amid the coronavirus outbreak has presented a business opportunity for at least one sports gambling website. With almost all major sports postponed indefinitely, Sports Betting Dime is offering users a series of over/under bets on Trump-isms that could be repeated during the next briefing.Most of the items are common uses of hyperbole by President Donald Trump, such as “tremendous” (5.5), “fantastic” (8.5), “big/bigger/biggest” (10.5), and a sort of exacta on a combination of “fantastic, incredible, amazing and tremendous” (24.5). Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

With sports indefinitely on hold as athletes and fans hunker down for the coronavirus, a sports betting website is offering a new service: betting the over/under on what President Donald Trump might say at White House Coronavirus Task Force press briefings.Sports Betting Dime announced the new game on Thursday. “Each day, during the daily CoronaVirus [sic.] press briefing, President Trump updates the Nation, and in his inimitable style, uses many of his favorite words and phrases to communicate with the American people. Accordingly, the odds-makers at, have set Over/Unders for some of the President’s favorite words and phrases that he uses regularly during his prepared statements and Q&A with the White House Press Corps.”Most center on uses of hyberbole Trump relies on, while others put a number on how many times he may issue a specific grievance. “I/We’ve been treated unfairly” and “I/We inherited a broken system” both have an over/under of 3.5 times. 

More basic hyperbole, like saying “great,” has a higher bar of 11.5 times. Trump using any of “big/bigger/biggest” is set at 10.5, while a combination of “fantastic, incredible, amazing and tremendous” has the highest over/under at 24.5. Several major networks — basically all of them except for Fox News — have promised to cut away from the briefing if President Trump begins spreading misinformation. The briefings can also be viewed on YouTube and C-SPAN.

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