There are plenty of ways to “go green,” and sometimes the little steps can make a big difference.

For Earth Month, TODAY is challenging viewers and fans to share the #OneGreenThing they’re doing to help the planet. To spread the love, we’re also asking people to tag friends they’d like to see join in.

Want to join the challenge, but don’t know where to start?

Take our interactive quiz to help discover #OneGreenThing you can do, and take a look at some of the folks who’ve participated so far for inspiration.

Here are some ideas!

April 1, 202102:30

Compost food scraps

Make coffee at home

Repurpose items that would otherwise be trash

Find reusable alternatives

Pick up trash and litter

Try an electric vehicle

Start planting and gardening

Reduce plastic use

What’s your #OneGreenThing? Be sure to share how you’re helping the planet this month!

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