Boris Johnson’s car-crash interview over sick boy on A&E floor features alongside a BBC TV licence row and the deaths in New Zealand

The papers on Tuesday, after Boris Johnson avoided looking at an image of a boy lying on the ground in a hospital, the BBC TV licence came up for discussion and a volcano erupted in New Zealand.
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General election coverage – focusing on the sick child whom Boris Johnson refused to look at, plus the perennial BBC TV licence debate – has combined with the New Zealand volcano disaster to create a series of dramatic front pages today.
The i says simply: “No sign of life” over the top of an image of the White Island volcano’s eruption, as seen from the water. It says safety warnings were ignored for years at the country’s most active volcano.

i newspaper
Tuesday’s front page: No sign of life – cruise ship guests among dead as volcano explodes#tomorrowspaperstoday

December 9, 2019

The Guardian uses a similar image for its picture story, but the splash is Johnson’s lack of sensitivity when shown the image of a boy lying on the floor of an A&E department, and the subsequent claims of Conservative distraction tactics. The headline is “Tories accused of lying to distract from image of boy on hospital floor.”

The Guardian
Guardian front page, Tuesday 10 December 2019: Tories accused of lying to distract from image of boy on hospital floor

December 9, 2019

The Mirror, which led on the A&E story yesterday, continues the theme today, with a front-page picture of a baby lying in a hospital chair while awaiting treatment. “Here’s another picture you won’t want to look at, Mr Johnson,” is the headline.

Daily Mirror
Tomorrow’s front page: Here’s another picture you won’t want to look at, Mr Johnson #tomorrowspaperstoday

December 9, 2019

The Times says British tourists were injured in the New Zealand volcano eruption and squeezes in a single-column story on the PM saying replacing the BBC TV licence with a pay-to-watch subscription is a possibility.

Photograph: The Times
The Mail carries the same two stories for its front page, but swaps their positions around.

Photograph: DAILY MAIL
The Express also focuses on the TV licence story, with a picture of the PM in a high-vis jacket and the headline: “Boris threat to axe TV licence.” The volcano image sits across the top.

Photograph: Daily Express
The Telegraph reports on a Tory party memo that says the chance of Jeremy Corbyn leading a coalition government have been “seriously underestimated” and that Labour could come to power without winning any extra seats. The picture slot is given to the eruption on the New Zealand island, whose Māori name is Whakaari.

The Telegraph
The front page of tomorrow’s Daily Telegraph: ‘Corbyn could win without gaining a seat’#tomorrowspaperstoday

December 9, 2019

The Sun splashes on Alan Sugar’s call for Labour voters to oust Corbyn, claiming it is the best way to save the party in the long term. “You’re fired Corbyn,” is the headline.

The Sun
Tomorrow’s front page: ‘Apprentice boss Lord Sugar today urges Labour voters to fire Jeremy Corbyn for the sake of the nation’

December 9, 2019

The FT carries a picture of former Fed chairman Paul Volcker, who has died, and splashes on shares in Tullow slumping 70% after its forecast oil output was cut.

Financial Times
Just published: front page of the Financial Times, UK edition, Tuesday 10 December

December 9, 2019

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