WATCH: The real why behind Target Zero’s distracted driving enforcements ; Battle Ground artist with Down’s Syndrome creates magical masterpieces ; Felida fire involves African Serval cat ; Newspaper delivery person fatally shot man at waterfront ; A rundown of indoor sports capacity.

Artist Tommy Tikka has the magic touch with a paintbrush

Nineteen-year-old sells art online and at Rusty Glamour in Battle Ground.

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Firefighters fight fire, tend to frightened exotic cat

Firefighter bit while attempting to assist a 60-70 pound African Serval cat.

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Vancouver Police investigate fatal shooting

Newspaper delivery man shot an unidentified male who entered his unoccupied vehicle early Saturday.

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Winter and spring sports competition start for 4A and 3A teams this week

Basketball, wrestling, baseball, softball, soccer and more are ready for this mega season, but fans are reminded that indoor sports will have limited capacity and no tick…

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