I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s a bad look for the Los Angeles Chargers to be playing a “home” game in Mexico City only a couple of weeks after there were reports that the Chargers might be moving to London, right? Like, you can’t deny those reports as vehemently as the Chargers did and then host a game on foreign soil just a couple of weeks later.

It’s like that time when I was 16, and my mom accused me of getting drunk with my friends the night before when I had told her that we were working on a group project. I looked her dead in the eye and said: “no, we were at Silvio’s house all night, working on the project, I swear.” At least, that’s what I had intended to say. I only got halfway through the sentence before I had to rush to the bathroom to throw up because I had been out drinking with my friends the night before.

I then told my mom I was sick because there was something wrong with the Chinese takeout we had ordered while we were working on that group project. It definitely wasn’t the result of seeing how much Jack Daniel’s I could drink in one pull from the bottle. No sir.

Anyway, tonight’s odds are via FanDuel.

1. Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Chargers: Over 52.5

As mentioned, this game is being played at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. One of the first things you learn about Estadio Azteca in its Wikipedia entry is that it is located 7,200 feet above sea level. That’s why the stadium’s nickname is 1.36 Miles High Stadium. OK, that’s not true, but the stadium is at a high elevation, and that means the air is thin. This is science. Thin air leads to conditioning problems, and conditioning will have a more drastic effect on defenses than it will the offenses. So it’s likely both defenses will wear out quickly, which will lead to a shootout that sees us going over this total. I mean, it’s hard enough to stop the Chiefs offense and Patrick Mahomes at sea level. When you’re 1.36 miles in the air, it’s even more difficult. Again, it’s just simple science.

2. Patrick Mahomes over 2.5 TD passes: +116

Well, if it’s going to be a high-scoring game, it’s only logical to believe that Patrick Mahomes is going to have something to do with it. He has made two career starts against Chargers defensive coordinator Gus Bradley, and in those starts, the reigning MVP has thrown for 499 yards, six touchdowns and no interceptions. While the Chargers’ pass rush is good, it’s also missing Derwin James, which will be a big deal against Mahomes and all his weapons. There’s an excellent chance Mahomes throws at least three touchdowns.

3. Keenan Allen to score a TD: +155

Allen is due to score. He has received double-digit targets in three of the last four games. The 12 red-zone targets Allen has received this season puts him in the top eight in the NFL this year, yet he hasn’t caught a touchdown since Week 3. The opportunity has been there and will continue to be there tonight. Eventually, opportunity has to turn into results, and at +155, I love the chances of that happening tonight.

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