With just over two weeks to go before Election Day, polls show Joe Biden and President Trump neck and neck in both Georgia and Texas, two states that have not gone for a Democratic presidential candidate in decades and carry large sway in the Electoral College.

Key Facts

A new Dallas Morning News/UT Tyler poll out Sunday found Biden leading by 2 points (46%-44%) among registered voters and 3 points among likely voters (48%-45%) in Texas.  

A CBS News/YouGov poll showed Biden and Trump tied (49%-49%) in Georgia, with Biden’s strength.

Biden trails Trump by just .1 points in an average of all polls in Texas (47.6%-47.5%) and leads by .4 points in Georgia (47.6%-47.2%).  

Separate CBS polls out Sunday showed Biden ahead by 2 points in Florida (50%-48%), and four points in North Carolina (51%-47%). 

Key Background

A win for Biden in Texas or Georgia would almost certainly lead to a landslide win for the Democratic nominee. However, the former vice president does not necessarily need either state to win the White House, and most experts have pointed to a different winning formula for the candidate. A more likely path for Biden, for instance, is to hold on to the states Hillary Clinton won in 2016, while picking up Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.  

Big Number

38. That’s how many electoral votes Texas has, the second most in the country after California (55.) Georgia holds 16 electoral votes. 

What To Watch For 

Biden will travel to Georgia for a campaign event on Tuesday, an indication his campaign views the state as competitive. 

Surprising Fact

A big reason for Biden’s polling success in Georgia is his strength with seniors. According to CBS News, Biden has slashed Trump’s 2016 advantage with the demographic in half. 


A Democrat has not won Texas since 1976 and Georgia since 1992. Trump won Texas by 9 points in 2016 and Georgia by 5.1 points.

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